Sep 1, 2012

Getting to your customers with mail marketing

It’s not easy!

You may think getting to your customers through mail marketing is simple: just blast everyone with your mailers and cross your finger, wait for your targeted customer to get the word and the phone to ring. We find this with many just starting in business, not everyone is or will be a customer of yours. Identifying your customers and targeting them accordingly is the main part of your marketing plan. This is even more important when your customers are other businesses.

We build with the goal of making targeting business customers easier. There are many solutions and tool out there, trying to tackle the issue in a very simplistic manner, they centers around selling bulk mailing list. Direct mail requires much more than bulk mailing list.

Bulk mailing lists are inherently hard to use by small to mid-size businesses. They are generally big CSV or Excel files, hard to open and almost impossible to integrate with other existing mail merging or customer relation management (CRM) tools. More importantly businesses in the bulk mailing list are not generally targeted, the list includes businesses in many categories, located in disperse geographic area and of diverse size. Bulk mailing lists generally don’t meet the threshold of B2B targeted direct mail marketing, which include three majors criteria: Category, Location and size.

A targeted marketing campaign in order to be successful must include a carefully selected list of businesses in certain categories of activities. If your business sells to bars and restaurants you don’t want your message to be go to churches and schools instead.

The second most important parameter in selecting your targeted customer is location. If you have a small business selling office supply to other businesses, you primarily want to talk to local businesses, preferably at driving distance where you can go and showcase your product to actual human and close sales.

The BizRake solution is a tool, build to make your targeted marketing campaign easier. We are helping thousands of small to mid-size business across the US, to meet their goal in reaching their prospect, creating lead and closing sales.

This is how it works: is a full search engine, where you can get a custom tailor-made business listing by just typing. It let you type (with auto select)  business category, city name, state code, zip code or even county name, to narrow down the result in exactly the category and location you want. Best of all, the end result can be downloaded as a CSV file, right onto your computer with one click. Generally the end result is small enough so that user can painlessly integrate it with label printing application, Mail merge program like Microsoft word or CRM application like SalesForce.

Data Quality matter data is unlike most bulk mailing list data, we worked hard to provide up to date data of high quality.
BizRake data is derived on a regular basis from a myriad of sources: We've built powerful crawlers that patrol the internet 24/7 to get the latest update in businesses information, we connect to publicly available databases and best of all, and we have a portal on our web site where business owners submit their business information on a regular basis.
BizRake data is rich, beyond the typical contact information of business name, address information and phone number; our data contain one or many people contact, email and web site, estimated earning and funding, county name and SIC code.

To a business owner or someone in charge of marketing, provide in inside view of prospects and potential customers.